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Permanent Hair Removal
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Kelly Francisco - Licensed Electrologist has been helping remove unwanted hair permanently for over 20 years in the Norwich Area.. Call Kelly for a free consultation 860-334-2573
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 All electrolysis appointments are private and confidential.

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 Specializing in:
Eye Brow Artistry
Facial Hair Removal
Breast Hair Removal
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Bikini Line Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal Clients Talk . . .

" . . . I wish I had done this sooner.  All the years of tweezing and waxing...  I'm going to definitely refer you to all my friends... thank you... thank you.. thank you..."               

"... my concern was that I would be older, lose my sight and not find the hairs... now if I ever end up in a convalescent home at least I'll be hair free..."


"  ...  going through menopause, I  noticed I developed facial hair and started to tweeze only to make matters  worse.   Kelly changed all that for me and now I have confidence as I approach my later years... thank you...


" ... I was always troubled by bikini hair, and in the summer I would shave only to be troubled with an embarrassing rash in that area,  which was more troubling than the hair.  Now, thanks to Kelly and electrolysis I no longer have that problem."

"... I always waxed my eyebrows and thought that the way I did it was good... until Kelly consulted me and suggested a more natural fuller brow... now I receive so many  compliment regarding my eyebrow shape... Kelly truly is an artist..."


The last names of the above commentary's were not included to protect their privacy.

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