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How to Remove Unsightly Body Hair
How to Remove Unsightly Body Hair

Unwanted hair? No problem. There are three options of electrolysis to choose from that will safely, permanently, get rid of unwanted hair.

  Three approved methods of electrolysis offered

1) Thermolysis
2) Blend
3) Multiple needle

Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal which was invented over 100 years ago in the United States and still is the only permanent hair removal procedure. During electrolysis, a needle is inserted into a hair follicle and an electrical pulse is sent through the needle. If this particular hair follicle is in the active growth stage at the time of treatment, it will probably not grow again. Sometimes a second treatment is necessary to permanently kill the hair growth.

You'll wonder why
You ever let excess hair
Detract from your look
And self confidence . . .

. . . and why you waited so long
To have treatments that would
Remove  unwanted hair

Throw away that razor, tweezers and those depilatories.
 Electrolysis is the only safe  permanent way to remove unwanted hair.