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FAQ About Permanent Hair Removal
Q. What causes unwanted hair growth?

A.  1)Superfluous hair growth is often the result of normal biological changes which females undergo throughout life. As a woman advances through puberty,menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, she may experience fluctuations in hormonal levels which may cause increased hair growth in an area that has never been affected. 2)  Excess hair may also be due to such diverse causes as heredity, certain medications and stress. It is commonly associated with malfunctions of the endocrine system such as irregular menstrual cycles, ovarian cysts or overactive thyroid glands.  The electrologist is trained to recognize those symptoms, which may require referral to a physician.

Q.  How does electrolysis work?

A.  During a treatment, a fine solid filament is inserted into the follicle(pore) along side of the growing hair. The skin is not punctured. A small amount of current is applied for several seconds to eliminate the elements the follicle needs for future hair growth.

Q.  Is It really permanent?

A. Yes. Foremost medical authorities agree that electrolysis is the only positive and permanent way to remove hair. Electrolysis is recognized by the American Medical Association. By all means ask your doctor about it.

Q.  Is it electrolysis safe?

A.  Yes. Dermatologists agree that it is much safer than tweezing and depilatory chemicals. In addition, only disposable probes are used with disposable gloves and facial masks are worn during treatment.

Q. Is electrolysis painful?

A.  A slight warm tingling sensation is felt as the tiny current is destroying the hair root. Every person  sensitivity level is different- most people are surprised to learn it was not as  they feared it would be. And I always for first time clients recommend no caffeine prior to treatment ...so the nerve endings are relaxed and the client as well.

Q.  How will I look after electrolysis treatment?

A.  You can continue with your usual activities without embarrassment or self consciousness. Even your own family may not be aware of  your  treatments.

Q.  How long will it take for permanent removal of hair?

A.  The time required for complete removal depends on the type of hair, extent of growth ; but in any case you will begin to see amazing results in a short period.

Q.  What if hair seems to return while I'm being treated?

A.  Your own previous attempts will be the reason for this, as hairs grow in three different cycles and can take up to fourteen weeks to reappear. In other words, the growth will be hair that had not yet appeared when you started treatment. But electrolysis will remove it . Permanently.

Q.  Are tweezing and waxing helpful?

A.  Absolutely not. They are temporary and they aggravate the condition you are trying to improve. They both serve to stimulate the hair , causing it to become thicker courser and more firmly rooted.
Another drawback of tweezing etc. is that it often irritates the skin causing pustules  and ingrown hairs.

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