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Kelly Francisco - Licensed Electrologist has been helping remove unwanted hair permanently for over 20 years in the Norwich Area.. Call Kelly for a free consultation 860-334-2573
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 About  Licensed Electrologist and Beauty Consultant Kelly
Kelly has  been licensed by the state of CT since 1992.  She studied in Arizona at the Arizona Institute of Electrolysis.  Her practice offers all three approved methods of electrolysis: 1) Thermolysis, 2) Blend and 3) Multiple needle. She is also a member of the American Electrology Association.

She has been in the health and beauty field for 25 years. Twenty four years ago she was crowned Miss New England. She was successful as a model and developed a great interest for make up and beauty. Former Miss New England, Kelly Jean. Developer of Prophet Skincare all natural anti-aging skin care.Kelly studied under Hollywood make up artist, Michael Maron. Her other studies included color analysis theory and nutrition. For several years, she worked at the Norwich Inn and Spa as a body and skin care therapist. While at the Spa, Kelly worked on several celebrities including, Barbara Streisand, Joan Rivers, Brooke Shields and Carly Simon to name just a few.

Being in the field of beauty she is often asked about skin and is complemented on how her skin looks. She is a passionate person when it comes to this subject. She lives it and studies it naturally. When she find products that truly work she gets excited and tells everyone to try this etc.  "Skin care should be simple. Natural ingredients, simple... simple... "

She often is heard saying, "How we look, reflects what is inside.  Our diet , level of stress ,and the thoughts that unconsciously occupy our minds. If we feel negative all the time it becomes etched into our physical being.  May you find your own inner beauty inside."          
                                                                                                                        ~ Kelly

Founder of Prophet Skincare, a manufacturer and distributor of a high end anti-aging skin care line.  Also co-author of "Warning Dangerous Ingredients." Featured on several national radio and television talk shows.

We invite you to read more about Kelly and her company she developed with her husband Bruce.

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